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The Loss of Royal Marines Landing Craft - LCU F4 - Falklands 8th June 1982

With the British Army’s 5 Brigade separated from their vital communications vehicles back at Goose Green, F4 under the command of C/Sgt Brian Johnston was been dispatched in poorly charted waters and under significant threat of air attack.

In a remarkable feat of pilotage, in darkness and without modern navigational aids, Brian Johnston reached Goose Green in good order and loaded the vehicles

At approximately 14:00 local time on the 8th June the ships RFA Sir Tristram and RFA Sir Galahad were badly damaged by a first wave of five A-4Bs Skyhawk aircraft.

At 16:50 a second wave, composed of four A-4Bs Skyhawks hit and sank F4 a Landing Craft Utility from HMS Fearless in Choiseul Sound.

The LCU was ferrying the vehicles of the 5th Brigade's headquarters from Darwin to Bluff Cove. Six Royal Marines went down with the vessel. However, the Sea Harrier combat air patrol was already on scene and responded; three Skyhawks were shot down and their pilots and a fourth damaged.

All but two of LCU F4’s crew were killed during this action;

C/Sgt Johnston,

Sergeant R J Rotherham,

Marine A J Rundle

Marine R D Griffin.

Mechanical Engineering Artificer (Propulsion) A S James,

Leading Marine Engineer (Mechanical) D Miller,

This Image from https://www.palacebarracksmemorialgarden.co.uk/hms-fearless-lcu-sunk-8thy-june-1982-falkland-islands/

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