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Breakfast at Babs

I have just updated the front page and summary...hope you like it... Breakfast at Babs' 'What could possibly go wrong....?'

Based on a real Mission, and a mix of fact and fiction from real experiences, this novel will take you into Iraq during a time of insurrection and danger! The gritty tale of a team of Royal Marine Commandos on a special mission in Iraq. The story begins with the last training mission at sea with a nuclear submarine, the last party, and the last girl. The CIA and M16 are watching a terrorist training cell preparing child suicide bombers we watch the transformation from innocent child to unwitting murderer. Mike must take his team deep into Iraq on a 'Snatch & Grab' Mission.

We follow the almost comical problems that the team of chosen men faces to prepare to go to war. We fly into war with the team in a helicopter flying low and fast at night and dropping into a dark black lake, emerging in an unknown and hostile environment. They must lay in wait and intercept the terrorists and take them by surprise, a fire fight ensues, they are surprised to find the children and Mike is shot whilst trying to protect them. Mike watches in despair as he is left for dead by his comrades, the enemy know he is alive and alone, the hunt begins. Feeling deserted Mike goes through many emotions as he struggles to stay focused on surviving and evading capture, he is finally tracked down and cornered by his adversaries, now outgunned and surrounded Mike has to fight for his life, a fight to the death is certain. Will they all return safely as a unit as Mike had promised and celebrate together with a ‘Breakfast at Babs' Based on a real mission, many of the anecdotes are based on fact or near very misses, a must read for anyone interested in modern Military fiction or fact!

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