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The Capture of Fort Louis in Senegal

Unit/ Formation: His Majesty's Marine Forces

Location: Africa

Period/ Conflict: Seven Years' War

Year: 1758

Date/s: Tuesday 2nd May 1758

A small British squadron under the Command of Captain Henry Marsh sailed from Plymouth, despatched against the French settlements in West Africa.

The settlement of Saint-Louis in 1780

On Sunday 30th April Marsh landed 700 Marines, and a detachment of 25 Artillerymen with 10 guns and 8 mortars under Captain Walker to attack Fort Louis.

A French deputation soon surrendered the fort which was garrisoned by 232 French officers and soldiers. However, the actual handing over of the Fort was delayed, owing to the action of the local natives, who, not thinking that their interests had been sufficiently secured, blockaded the French.

The expedition is reported to have cost roughly a million pounds. []

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