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Royal Marines Battle of Britain Pilots

Unit/ Formation: RM Airmen Location: Wick Period/ Conflict: World War II Year: 1940 Date/s: July - October 1940 56 Fleet Air Arm pilots took part in the Battle of Britain with four becoming fighter 'aces'.

Although rarely acknowledged, three Naval pilots also flew with the famous 242 Squadron commanded by the legendary Douglas Bader including his wingman 'Dickie


The young Naval aviators who took part in the Battle of Britain between July and October 1940 saw some of the fiercest fighting of the battle. 23 Naval pilots served with twelve RAF Fighter Command Squadrons, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes, and a further 33 served with 804 and 808, the two Fleet Air Arm Battle of Britain Squadrons who operated under Fighter Command, providing Dockyard defence.

Royal Marine Battle of Britain pilots were Captain AE Marsh RM and Lieutenant AJ Wright RM who flew with 804 and Lieutenant RC Hay RM with 808.

Fairey Fulmar Mk II N4062 - Carrier-based reconnaissance/ fighter aircraft

808 Naval Air Squadron eas equipped with Fairey Fulmar's was assigned to RAF Fighter Command, based at Wick, West Sussex.

More about Lt Ronald Cuthbert Hay, DSO, DSC & Bar here

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