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Raid on Myebon Peninsula - 42 Cdo RM

Unit/ Formation: 42 Cdo RM

Location: Burma

Period/ Conflict: World War II

Year: 1945

Date/s: 12 January 1945

On 12th January 1945, the raid on Myebon peninsula, which is situated between the Rivers Kyatsin and Myebon, was carried out.

The combined operations pilotage party were known as Copp and they managed to go in early one morning and remove the stakes which the Japanese had placed in front of the landing beaches to hold up any landing craft which tried to land.

42 Commando were in the first flight and behind a smoke screen managed to land at high tide, but by the time 1 and 5 tried to land the tide had receded and there was thick mud everywhere. It was the most difficult landing we ever did.

The attack on Myebon was successful and lasted several days.

Eventually the 74 Brigade passed through the Commando positions and secured the peninsula. The Japs were now denied the waterways for any supply or possible evacuation.

( Extract from ‘Three Quarters Of A Century Or Seventy Five Not Out’ the personal recollections of Brigadier K.R.S. Trevor CBE DSO Late CO No 1 Commando) Read More/ Web Link: Commando Vetrans Archive

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