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Captain William Marshall shot down in Oman

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

MARSHALL, William Nigel

Rank: Captain Regiment/Corps: Royal Marines Number: N018092K Born: Friday, July 30, 1948 Died : Saturday, March 8, 1975 Killed in action or died of wounds Age: 26 Cemetery/Memorial: Armed Forces Memorial

Captain William Marshall RM was seconded to the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces Jebel Regiment.

The helicopter he was travelling in an Agusta-Bell AB206, serial 604 of the Sultan of Oman's Air Force (SOAF) with a British crew was on a reconnaissance flight when it was shot down by small arms fire near the village of Hijayf ("Hagayif").

Agusta-Bell AB206 serial 601, 604's sister ship, taken at Salalah during the Dhofar War in 1975. [Iain C. MacKay Aircraft engineer, Oman, 1977-79]

The pilot, Squadron Leader Peter Llewellyn Davis ,SOAF, is buried in the Mina al Fahal Christian Cemetery, Muscat, Plot 24, also lost was Captain Michael Shipley Royal Anglians.

The larger Agusta-Bell 205A, 14 Squadron, Sultan of Oman Air Force, Baiah - Helipad, Oman,29/08/1978 [Reproduced with kind permission of photographer: Iain C. MacKay []]

"Captain W. N. Marshall, Royal Marines, and Captain M. G. A. Shipley, Royal Anglians, volunteers serving on loan with the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces, were killed in the Dhofar province of Oman on 8th March. The helicopter in which they were travelling was shot down by rebel small-arms fire. The third person killed in the incident was not a member of Her Majesty's Forces although he had previously served in the Royal Air Force."

[Source: Response in Parliament by the Defence Secretary Mr Mason ref. Hansards HC Deb 14 March 1975 vol 888 c249W.]

Note. Rank shown as stated by the Secretary of State for Defence above. The AFM ROH shows his rank as Lieutenant. The rank of Captain may be local to his service in Oman.

I wonder if any one remembers Captain Marshall RM, I would very much like to tell his story and have a picture of him so we can celebrate his career as well as remember him.

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Si Biggs
Si Biggs
Jan 08, 2023

Thanks that would be great


Hi. My father (deceased) was best friends with Captain Marshall. My Mum still has some photos I think. I'll try to get one. Simon Griffiths

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