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Bombing Run - War Correspondents fly with the Lancaster's of Bomber Command

Bombing Berlin

BBC correspondent Stephen Evans tells the story of Wynford Vaughan-Thomas's 1943 report recorded aboard a Lancaster Bomber during a raid on Berlin. From September 2013.

BBC - Archive on 4

Unheard Tapes of Bomber Command

July 1943, a young flight lieutenant, Steve Stevens, got back from a bombing raid over Essen, and recorded his recollections straight onto a wire recorder.

Dan Snows History Hit

'Orchestrated Hell'

Edward R. Murrow broadcast an account of another raid over Berlin on 3rd December 1943, heard by the CBS radio audience in the U.S:

World War Two Today

Images of crew from Wikipedia - Avro Lancaster

Images top to bottom

The personnel required to keep one Avro Lancaster flying on operations, taken at Scampton, Lincolnshire. Front row (left to right); flying control officer, WAAF parachute packer, meteorological officer, seven aircrew (pilot and captain, navigator and observer, air bomber, flight engineer, wireless operator/air gunner and two air gunners): second row, twelve flight maintenance crew (left to right; n.c.o. fitter, flight maintenance mechanic, n.c.o. fitter, five flight maintenance mechanics, electrical mechanic, instrument repairer, and two radio mechanics): third row, bombing up team; WAAF tractor driver with a bomb train of 16 Small Bomb Containers (SBC), each loaded with 236 x 4-lb No. 15 incendiaries and, behind, three bombing-up crew: fourth row, seventeen ground servicing crew (left to right; corporal mechanic, four aircraft mechanics, engineer officer, fitter/armourer, three armourers, radio mechanic, two instrument repairers, three bomb handlers, machine gunbelt fitter): back row (left to right); AEC Matador petrol tender and two crew, Avro Lancaster B Mark I heavy bomber, mobile workshop and three crew.

Lancaster pilot at the controls, left, flight engineer at right

The flight engineer checks control panel from his seat

Bomb aimer in his position in the nose.

Inside G for George of No. 460 Squadron.

Looking forward between wing spars. At left the wireless operator, at right the navigator

Gunner in Fraser Nash FN50 mid-upper turret with twin .303 Brownings, February 1943

Gunner in the Nash & Thompson FN20 tail turret

A Lancaster Bomber over Hamburg

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