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The Bombardment and Landing in Alexandria

Unit/ Formation: Royal Marines

Location: Alexandria

Period/ Conflict:

Year: 1882

Date/s: 11 July 1882

Bombardment of Alexandria. Egyptian nationalism sparked a revolt by Egyptian troops in 1881, which brought Colonel Arabi to power. He gained complete control of the 118 government by February 1882.

The British responded by sending a fleet of 15 iron clad ships to Alexandria, with the aim of protecting British & French interests, particularly the Suez Canal.

On the 11th June 1882: the crowds so incensed by the presence of the fleet that they rioted. 2,000 Egyptians & 50 Europeans were killed in the riots.

A bombardment of Alexandria by the British resulted on the 11th – 13th July. There after British sailors and marines landed and attempted to take control of the blackened ruins of the city and prevent the looting, while propping up the Khedive's shaky government.

Eventually order was restored, and a month later General Garnet Wolseley landed a large force of British troops in Alexandria as a staging location for attacking 'Urabi near the Suez Canal at the Battle of Tell El Kebir. Read more here: History of the Royal Marines 1837-1914 HE Blumberg

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