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Operation Bograt - 48RM Cdo

Unit/ Formation: 48 Cdo RM

Location: Beisbosch

Period/ Conflict: World War II

Year: 1945

Date/s: April 1945

Major 'Pat' Wall 48RM Cdo and Lieutenant Kingsley 3 Troop 10 IA Cdo led a patrol across the river in advance of the main crossing.

For two days this patrol maintained themselves across the river without food, inflicting casualties on German patrols and wading up to their shoulders across the maze of streams that intersect the Biesboch Delta between the Maas and the Waal.

Y Troop of No.48 RM Commando boarding an ALC during Operation Bograt, Holland, April 1945

Having joined up with the main party they are getting their first food for two days.

Major 'Pat' Wall and Lieutenant Kingsley are getting their first food for two days Photo © IWM (A 27930).

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