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Captain Halliday RMLI VC - Boxer Rebellion

Unit/ Formation: Victoria Cross

Location: China

Period/ Conflict: Boxer Rebellion

Year: 1900

Date/s: 24 June 1900

''carry on and dont mind me"
Captain Halliday RMLI VC

Lewis Stratford Tollemache Halliday was 30 years old, and a captain in the Royal Marine Light Infantry, during the Boxer Rebellion in China. On 24 June 1900 at Peking, China, an attack was made on the British Legation by the Boxers who set fire to the stables and occupied some of the other buildings.

It being imperative to drive the enemy out, a hole was knocked in the Legation wall and 20 men of the RMLI went in. Captain Halliday, leading a party of six men, was involved in desperate fighting and was severely wounded but despite his injuries, he killed four of the enemy.

Finally, unable to carry on any further, he ordered his men to go on without him, after which he returned to the legation alone, telling his men 'carry on and not mind him', so as not to diminish the number of men engaged in the sortie.

He walked 100 yards unaided to the hospital although his shoulder was half blown out and his left lung punctured.

Carry on and dont mind me

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