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Battle of Lowestoft - Leading to the formation of the Dutch Marines

Unit/ Formation: Marine Regiments Location: Great Britain Period/ Conflict: Second Anglo Dutch War Year: 1665 Date/s: 3rd June 1665 Defeat of Obdam van Wassenaer by the Duke of York.

The Admiral's Regiment first saw action at sea against the Dutch in the Battle of Lowestoft (Suffolk). Both fleets are reported to have been about 100 strong. However, the English claimed to have won a victory over the Dutch.

So fierce was the engagement that both fleets were incapable of further operations. Unlike some land Regiments equipped with pikes and matchlocks, the Admiral’s Regiment fought with better flintlock muskets.

The Dutch paid a heavy price in its large loss of ships, and of officers and men totalling 4000 killed and 2000 captured. While the British losses were 250 men killed, about 340 wounded, and about 200 taken prisoner.

Just after the Battle of Lowestoft the Dutch were so impressed by the performance of the British Marines that they formed their own Royal Netherlands Marine Corps

Sergeant John McDonald Read More/ Web Link: Royal Marines Historical Timeline

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