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Attacks on Invasion Barges at Rotterdam

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Unit/ Formation: RM Airmen

Location: Calais and Rotterdam

Period/ Conflict: World War II

Year: 1940

Date/s: 04 August 1940

Timothy Armstrong JOHNSTON RM and Acting Sub-Lieutenant (A) R C Eborn, RN: missing presumed dead when aircraft failed to return from air operations, 4 August 1940; body washed ashore in Holland assumed to be that of Johnston, likely caused by flak damage.

Fairey Swordfish in Formation - Image courtesy Fleet Air Arm Museum.

On completion of training as an Observer, Johnston had been posted to 812 Squadron. This squadron was the pioneer F.A.A squadron working under R.A.F Coastal Command.

From May 1940 until March 1941 they operated with Swordfish fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks in the rear cockpit and carrying a crew of only two. Their targets were usually oil tanks at Calais and invasion barges at Rotterdam.

Attacks on invasion barges at Rotterdam - Loss of T.A. Johnston RM
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