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Ambush in Belfast - Marine James Macklin Killed

Unit/ Formation: Memorial

Location: Belfast

Period/ Conflict: Northern Ireland Conflict

Year: 1974

Date/s: 22 March 1974

Marine James Macklin aged 28 was fatally wounded on patrol in North Belfast. While serving in 42 Commando.

Example of a Vehicle Patrol in Belfast - British troops and police, with two vehicles, investigate a couple on the street behind the Europa Hotel, 1974, during The Troubles. They were later taken away.

The IRA ambushed his patrol and Marine Macklin was fatally injured by a shot ot the head. The ambush occurred on 22 March around midnight. Marine Macklin's 2-vehicle patrol had been fired upon from both sides of the Antrim Road as it neared the Limestone Road.

When the attack took place, Marine Macklin was standing at the rear of the vehicle. He died on Thursday 28th March 1974, his mother was flown from her home in Milton, Glasgow to his bedside and was with him when he died.

Rank: Marine Unit/Base: 42 Commando RM'

Regiment/Corps: Royal Marines

Service number: P027765H

Born: Saturday, August 4, 1945

Died : Thursday, March 28, 1974

Killed in action or died of wounds

Age: 28 Cemetery/Memorial: Glasgow, St Agnews Church

Operation Roll of Honour: Northern Ireland (ROH)

Marine James Macklin was fatally wounded whilst on patrol in North Belfast . Read More/ Web Link: Commando Vetrans Archive

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