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Royal Marines Light Infantry - RMLI Action's in North Russia

Unit/ Formation: RMLI Location: Medvezhjya Gora Period/ Conflict: Year: 1919 Date/s: 17th August 1919 The 6th Battalion RM in action on the railway at Kapaselga in North Russia. This was the last action of the Middlesex Regiment in Russia. They were also part of the garrison.

The events on August 17th, as recorded in their Regimental Diary: -

"Company entrained (at Kapaselga) and left School House at 8 a.m. detrained at railhead two bridges north of Siding 8. Major Lang, Marines, and one battalion were attached to Company. We attacked along railway line, two platoons on each side.

No. 1 Platoon with No. 3 in support on the right, No. 2 with No. 4 in support on the left. Four of the enemy were seen and fired at in No. 8 Siding and retired on to their main position, where the enemy replied with heavy rifle and machine-gun fire.

Firing was more accurate than usual for the ' Bols,' and a good ~ many bullets struck the ground between front and support positions. His position was shelled and Company attacked. His position had been hastily evacuated, and dixies of hot water and burnt pancakes were found; also a large amount of ammunition, several rifles and barbed wire.

Company advanced again; progress had to coincide with attack of Karelian Company on post road. Patrols were sent to post road to keep touch. Company advanced to Siding 7A, approximately 5 versts south of No. 8 Siding.

The enemy blew up bridges as we advanced. On reaching Siding 7A an outpost position was taken up. No. 4 Platoon on right (responsible for railway), No. 3 Platoon on left. No. 2 Platoon returned to No. 8 Siding as escort to guns. No enemy were seen during night. A large fire was observed well in rear of enemy line, which may have been a forest fire.

Heavy firing was heard from Vakshozero direction. A patrol was sent to Karelians at junction of post road and track from Siding 7A. Our casualties were nil." Actions to Secure the British withdrawal to Murmansk

Unit/ Formation: RMLI

Location: Russia Period/ Conflict: Russian Intervention Year: 1918 Date/s: 28 August 1918 On 28 August 1918 the British 6th Royal Marine Light Infantry Battalion was ordered to seize the village of Koikori (Койкары) from the Bolsheviks as part of a wide offensive into East Karelia to secure the British withdrawal to Murmansk.

The attack on the village was disorganized and resulted in three Marines killed and 18 wounded, including the battalion commander who had ineffectually led the attack himself.

A week later, B and C companies, led this time by an army major, made a second attempt to take Koikori, while D company was involved in an attack on the village of Ussuna. The British were again repulsed at Koikori; the army major was killed and both Marine company commanders wounded. D company was also beaten off by Bolshevik forces around Ussuna, with the death of the battalion adjutant, killed by sniper fire

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