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48 Commando Supported by RM Tanks D Day 80

Updated: Jul 6

Unit/ Formation: 48 Cdo RM

Location: Langrune

Period/ Conflict: World War II

Year: 1944

Date/s: 6th June 1944

1820 - On returning to Cdo HQ which had now been established in a Farm at 033836, the CO found two CENTAUR tanks of the 2nd RMAS Regt which had been sent to assist.

After some delay, one was sent down each Rd with improvised means of comns with the infantry. The presence of these AFV's helped the infantry forward a little on 'B' Tps front and soon their Centaur reached the Cross Rds, BB, and was able to fire down the lateral street.

The direction of the Centaurs fire was painfully slow for the crews were quite unaccustomed to cooperate with infantry, indeed to work as tanks - their role was that of SP Arty -. However most of the houses around BB were soon knocked about, although the HE shell, which was all the tanks could fire, had no effect on the anti-tank wall and reinforced house immediately East of it.

'B' Tp was now ordered to gain the houses around the Cross Rd, BB. 2/Lt Rubinstein led the assault and was able to gain the more badly damaged houses on the NW corner, but could not get into the reinforced house or across the A Tk wall. Over the top of this came a steady flow of stick grenades which did suspiciously little harm.

But 'B' Tp was unable to get beyond the first two houses in this sector and eventually withdrew to the SW corner to ask for further assistance. By this time 'B' Tps Centaur had run out of Amn and was withdrawn. Another (from a further Troop which had arrived) came up, but immediately set off a mine which broke the track. This blocked the road. Meanwhile 'X' Tp had run into mines in Street 'A' and lost a number of men from these and from LMG fire. Approx Location

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