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41 CDO - North Korea - Raid on East Coast Railway

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Unit/ Formation: 41 Cdo RM

Location: Korea

Period/ Conflict: Korean War

Year: 1950

Date/s: October 1950

125 men and five officers of C & D Troops, under command Of the 2i/c, Major D L St. M Aldridge, embarked in the Assault Personnel Destroyers USS BASS and WANTUCK (1400 tons).

Each carried four Landing Craft and had accommodation for 162 in the troop space.

This force made two separate raids also against the East Coast railway on 5 & 6 October 1950. The Assault Engineers laid two tons of charges on each raid under culverts and bridges and in tunnels.

A Korean railway guard was killed and so, sadly, was a Royal Marines Corporal whilst leaving the beach on the second raid.


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