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Deal Bombing 22nd September 1989, 11 killed, 21 injured #RoyalMarines

The Deal barracks bombing was an attack by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) on the Royal Marine Depot, Deal, England.

It took place at 8:22 am on 22 September 1989, when the IRA exploded a time bomb at the Royal Marines School of Music building.

The building collapsed, killing 11 marines from the Royal Marines Band Service and wounding another 21.

BALL Michael Francis Patrick Musician :

CLEATHEROE John Andrew Musician Band Corporal:

DAVIS Trevor James Edward Band Corporal:

FICE Richard George Musician:

JONES Richard Mark Musician:

McMILLAN David B/Cpl Royal Marines: NOLAN Christopher Robert Musician:

PAVEY Dean Patrick Band Corporal:

PETCH Mark Timothy Musician :

REEVES Timothy John Musician:

SIMMONDS Robert Leslie Musician

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