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Happy Birthday #Royal Marines 'this country's sheet anchor' since 1664

'I never knew an appeal made to them for honor, courage, or loyalty that they did not more than realize my highest expectations. If ever the hour of real danger should come to England they will be found the Country's Sheet Anchor.'

-Lord St. Vincent

Of the Royal Marines, 1802

"Soldier 'an Sailor too"

Rudyard Kipling

To take your chance in the thick

of a rush, with firing all about,

Is nothing so bad when you've cover

to `and, an' leave an' likin' to shout;

But to stand an' be still to the

Birken ead dri114 is a damn' tough bul

let to chew,

An' they done it, in the Dollies-'Er

Majesty's Dollies-soldier and sailor


Their work was done when it

`and't begun; they was younger nor

me an' you'

Their choice it was plain between

drownin' in `eaps an' bein' mopped

by the screw.

So they stood an' was still to the

Biirken 'ead drill, soldier and sailor too!

We're most of us liars, we're `arf

of us thieves, an' the rest are as rank

as can be,

But once in a while we can finish

in style (which I `ope won't `appen to


But it makes you think better o'

you an' your friend, an' the work yo

may `ave to do,

When you think o' the sinkin'

Victorier's Jollies-soldiers and sailor too!

Now there ins't no room for to

say ye don't know-they `ave proved

it plain and true

That, whether it's Widow, or

whether it's ship, Victorier's work is

to do,

An' they done it, the Jollies-'Er

Majesty's Dollies-soldiers and

sailors too!

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