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Lord Lovat - No 4 Commando and US Rangers at Dieppe

The mission for Lieutenant Colonel Lord Lovat and No. 4 Commando (including 50 United States Army Rangers) was to conduct two landings 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Dieppe to neutralize the coastal battery Hess at Blancmesnil-Sainte-Marguerite near Varengeville.

Landing on the right flank in force, they climbed the steep slope and attacked and neutralized their target, the artillery battery of six 150 mm guns. This was the only success of Operation Jubilee. The commando then withdrew at 07:30 as planned.

Most of No. 4 safely returned to England. This portion of the raid was considered a model for future amphibious Royal Marine Commando assaults as part of major landing operations.

Lord Lovat and No. 4 Commando after the Dieppe raid

Lord Lovat was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his part in the raid, and Captain Patrick Porteous No. 4 Commando, was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Lord Lovat and No. 4 Commando after the Dieppe raid

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