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Below decks on a troopship under torpedo attack

Stanley Scislowski was a 20 year old infantryman with the Perth Regiment, 11th Infantry Brigade, 5th Canadian Armoured Division. He was on the troopship John Ericcson in a convoy from Liverpool to the Mediterranean.

They had just been issued booklets providing information on the geography of North Africa and useful Arabic phrases when they were told they were to disembark in Naples. 'At 6:10 p.m. on the evening of November 6, convoy KMF-25 arrived at a point about twenty miles off the African coast at Philippeville when it came under attack by a squadron of German torpedo bombers' Scislowski’s memoirs of the Italian campaign, Not All of Us Were Braveis a detailed account of life in the front line during successive offensives in 1944. He was later to learn, only when he met survivors in Italy, that other ships had been sunk during this attack.

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